Friday, April 16, 2010


Today I learned that one of my favorite singers from the band Type O Negative passed away last night at the age of 48 from heart failure. I really fell in love with this bands hard edge and romantic goth style when I was in college. One of my best memories of the band was driving from Western Illinois, where I went to college, to Chicago on a Tuesday night with Julie. We parked in the McDonald's parking lot because we didn't know any better, managed to not get towed and saw them play at the Metro. It was truly and amazing experience despite driving there and back in one night and not getting back to Western till 5 am.

I saw them a few times after I moved to Chicago as well, and one of my favorite things to do around Halloween is watch the old classic Nosferatu, a silent vampire movie from 1929. In 1998 they took the original movie and applied Type O Negative music to narrate. It was genius, so amazing to see two great things old and new come together so beautifully and illustrates that true beauty can be found in darkness.

I have been saddened by this news all day. I can't believe I will never see Pete Steele on stage along side his bottle of red wine. One of Pete's songs is titled "Everything Dies" and such is true, but not everyone leaves behind timeless masterpieces as did he.

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