Sunday, April 18, 2010

Revolution Brewing Co

Last night Mike and I hit up a new brewery in Chicago called Revolution Brewing Company. We took a beer class a few years ago where we made our own beer and since then we've kinda been beer snobs, which is a beautiful thing, trust me!

When we arrived we were told it would be about a 2 hour wait, it was already 8ish but we thought, eh, we'll get some beers and hang out. I started off with the Working Woman Brown. I chose this for two reasons, first, it sounded great and second, I myself and a Working Woman Brown, so how could I go wrong? This beer is currently not listed on the website so I can't give you a detailed description but it was dark, but not heavy, I think it was an ale, and I would definitely order it again! Mike started with the Iron Fist Pale Ale. We both tried each others and liked what we ordered for ourselves the best. Next up we went for the Samadhi Double IPA. These were fantastic and served in a snifter vs a pint glass which I love.

We were seated shortly after ordering our second beers, only 45 minutes later, SWEET! We were hungry but full of beer so we decided to skip on the apps, which was unfortunate because they looked delicious, and went straight for entrees. I ordered the Smoked and Grilled Tofu sandwich with blue cheese potato salad. Mike ordered a monster burger, the Smokehouse Burger which has pepperjack cheese AND South Carolina style pulled pork. He had his with fries and apparently has no worries when it comes to his waistline!

The food was good, the beers were GREAT! Next time we go I think I will do beer and apps. Just so I can drink more beer without getting full and try more items on the menu!


melissa said...

i'm just going to comment about all of your blog posts on this...
That places sounds delish- I want to come visit you just for good food- well and to see you too i guess ;)
why did you make strawberry muffins and did you allow mike to eat them even though he's allergic?!
and... your meals loook SO GOOD especially the portabella pita one. I'm going to steal it forsure.

and... I'm glad Doodle approved of the pasta dish :)

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

ha, i think mike grew out of the allergy! i forgot until i made them the first time and he had eaten them already! he lived, so i made them again. the portabella one was great! cooking light is a great site! and the list printing thing makes it so easy!