Monday, April 12, 2010


Phew, it's been a while since my last confession, oops, I mean blog! Truth is, I have been swamped. Between a trip to Iowa last weekend, being swamped at work and some hush hush circumstances I have been having a hard time, well, finding time! It appears as though things are not slowing down either but I decided to take a break tonight and spend some time with my blog.

As I mentioned Mike and I spent Easter weekend in Iowa. We finally made it to the neighborhood wine bar, it was great! I can't believe we never went the year we lived there. I really enjoyed the flight I had. My favorite was the syrah and not the malbec this time, big shocker as I am a malbec lover!

On Sunday we celebrated the start of spring and easter at The Lodge. I am also a lover of The Lodge, I believe I said "I just love the Lodge, no matter what you come for you know you are going to have a good time" The brunch was good, and so was my mimosa. We ate in the banquet area rather than the restaurant which was kind of a bummer as the ambiance wasn't as great but good times were had by all, and man do they do an unbelievable amount of business on easter!

After brunch the easter bunny made a visit to the casa. We all found our gifts, including my parents this time, we turned the tables and hid something for them too!

And last but not least, Easter Doodle!

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melissa said...

omg doodle bug!!
so funny!