Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Saturday Night

Mike and I attempted to leave the house about 45 minutes ago. As soon as we left torrential down pours hit. I made Mike pull over since I am terrified of driving in the rain, he was not happy, and after about 20 minutes we decided we needed to head back home because our Big Buddy aka Finn was probably flippin out.

Well, turns out he was. We came home to #1 and #2 and a lunatic of a dog. Good thing he was in the basement, we'll slip him a xanax (prescribed of course) and he'll go into a blissful slumber.

Heading back home wasn't too terrible since we knew we had three Unibroues waiting for fav beer, Maudite specifically. As I poured my beer I found myself wishing I had one of the awesome Unibroue glasses that your beer comes in at a drinking establishment. This google search led me to the story of Maudite. I found it entertaining and thought I'd share.

We love Unibroue so much we decided we have to make a trip to the brewery in Quebec very soon!

OK, so there used to be these loggers in Quebec. They worked their hands to the bone like every day. And the pay sucked too. They really needed a vacation. Back in olden times, they didn't get two weeks off every year, so they had to take matters into their own hands.

The main logger guy tracked down the Devil and said, "Hey Devil, we really need a break so we can go visit our women. How about a little help, ya know? Flying boat, maybe?" (they didn't have planes back then). The Devil said, "Yeah, that's no problem. I'm the Devil, your wish is my command! But one thing, you gotta give me your souls."

The main logger was a pretty skillful negotiator, so he was like "OK, but lets make a wager first. If we can fly your cursed air canoe all the way to see our honeys without hitting any steeples or saying Goddamn, then you've got to do all our wood chopping for a week. If not, then you can have our souls."

Well, you can see where this story is going. The Devil won the bet, and he condemned all the Quebecois loggers to canoe around the skies for eternity. To commemorate this event, Unibroue crafted a delicious strong red ale, and this is the glass that goes with it.

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