Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Single Gals Dinner

Last night my sweetie had a meeting that I knew was going to go through the dinner hour. I thought about what I wanted to make myself for dinner all day and was excited to take advantage of the alone time and dine on one of my single gal favorites.

After a quick workout I headed to Target. Not exactly where I used to get my dinner when living in Chicago, but I was there on my lunch a few days ago and the prepared food section caught my eye. After some long debating I decided on a good old standby. A package of California rolls, yum. I was also craving avocado and knew that the small pieces in the Cali rolls weren't going to cut it, so I grabbed one to add the my salad.

Before leaving I picked up some Edy's low fat peanut butter cup ice cream. We'll see how long it takes Mike to realize it's in the freezer ;)

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