Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny Left Me Two Suprises...

2 pounds! I can't blame it all on the Easter Bunny. I don't think I cooked once this weekend, which is never a good thing for me. I usually try and balance my eating a little bit more but hey, once in a while what can you do.

Friday night I started off ok with a veggie burger at my parents, I ate a few pretzels, a little bit of potato salad and a small piece of turned into a carb fest although I did squeeze in a workout after work.

Saturday morning Mike and I got starbucks and then bagels from Brueggers. My plan was to walk it off but it was cold so we ate our bagels in the car while we looked at the river and watched some seniors feed ducks.

Saturday night we went to a wedding, the food was great! I will say I controlled myself too. I did splurge on the cheese and some great apps...thai chicken with a yummy peanut sauce, crab cakes. Then I kicked into strategy mode. There was a mac and cheese bar, it was pretty amazing. Mike went up for a fix and I snacked off his, I don't think he was too happy about it, but it helped me out! O, and the cake, I fought the urge to get a second piece and won! A rarity.

Despite my indulgance Saturday night I woke up Sunday pretty hungry. Mike and I went to Symposium for a kick ass breakfast! I'd never been before and was excited to find out that they actually take the time to make food great...not just mediocre, which I find to be the case a lot in this area. I had a Mediterranean omelet with fried potatoes, whole wheat toast and their breakfasts come with a free gourmet coffee! SO I went for a cappuccino, and it was served in a big mug, not a paper cup. Yum yum... all together our tab was only 22$. SO CHEAP for the quality. However, next time, when I am in healthy eating mode, I will change my omelet to egg whites only and substitute my potatoes for fruit :) But hell, it was Easter. (O, and they serve breakfast until 5! remember my beef with getting breakfast one the weekends in these parts?) Kudos to Symposium!

Last night we started off good, an organic tomato basil pizza, really tasty and a salad. Around 9:30 I opened my mouth with a great idea...McFlurrys! I hadn't had one for over a year! So yep, I had a small reeses peanut butter cup McFlurry and made my way to bed.

The weekend wouldn't have been too bad had I managed to squeeze in a workout Saturday or Sunday, I just didn't make it a priority.

All that being said, my eating extravaganza could have been subconscious since I knew today was my day to kick my workouts and diet up a notch to prepare for our trip to NOLA mid May. If I go there not at my happy weight I will not enjoy myself as much... this is just how I am, crazy or not.

I started off my morning with Jillian Andersen's 30 Day Shred. This is a 20 minute workout that follows a 3..2..1 philosophy.

3 minutes of strength training
2 minutes of cardio
1 minute of abs

There are 3 circuits of this then a cool down. The workout was really tough, but fun and if I see the promised results after 30 days, I will be ecstatic! This workout is meant to replace all the hours at the gym but I want to double my results, haha, so I plan on still hitting the gym 4,5 nights a weeks. We'll see how this goes!

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