Sunday, April 26, 2009

What A Night!

Last night ended up being a super fun one! In the midst of drinking our Unibroues we cranked up the tunes and found our red lights. Our old living room in Chicago was red, around Christmas I hung these red lights, they were so cool we never took them down. They inspired a dance party or two while they were up. Last night when we found them I said "Plug em in!" and another infamous dance party began!

Mike and I have not had a dance party to this extreme since living in Chi, last time we danced and danced until 4am while making martini after martini. That Sunday morning was not pretty, or Monday, or Tuesday. I called in sick two days after that dance party.

Luckily last night we did not have two bottles of fruity Vodka and all the fixings for martinis. In fact, the house was rather dry! However, leave it to mixmaster me to save the day!

After we finished our beers I made a wonderful concoction out of the libations above. Luckily we had a can of pineapple juice and lucky only one! This drink gave us just the edge we needed for another hour of dancing.

The party ended up winding down around 3. We had a blast of course slept in a little too late today but o, well! We still got our run in and are hangover free!

I couldn't resist snapping a shot of our wedding picture glowing in our red dance party lights!

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melissa said...

umm.. from that picture, I wouldn't consider your house "Dry"... if that's dry then mine is a drought, spelling doesn't look right but you get it... glad you had a fun dance party and thanks a LOT for the invite:)