Friday, July 24, 2009

12 gifts that keep on giving...

Need I say more? Jeff and Mel sure know how to get a smile and a jaw drop out of Mike! They bought Mike a variety of specialty beers for his birthday. I must say this also put a smile on my face, followed by an ecstatic, "What the hell?" when I saw a few Abita brews included in the mix. Abita is one of my favorite breweries based in Louisiana. I actually called around a few months back to all the area liquor stores looking for Abita and no one stocked them. Apparently this is a strange coincidence or HyVee Grocery in Rock Island, IL really does listen to their customers! I sure do love those helpful smiles :) I even ordered Mike and Abita shirt for his bday that he's wanted since our trip to NOLA in May. Mike and I decided to test this gift out earlier this evening. Our first picks are below. YUM!

On a side note, to all the True Blood fans out there, next time you are watching, notice all the Abita merch at Merlotte's!

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