Friday, July 31, 2009

Moving On East ...Again

This is our big moving weekend. Mike finished up school and work last Friday and it feels like we have been organizing, cleaning, packing and tying up loose ends every day sense then. Moving is no joke, it's a lot of work.

Our plan is to get a Uhaul Sunday and hit the road Monday morning. We plan on staying in Chicago for 3 years at minimum. Mike was accepted at Loyola University, a really great school where he can complete an accelerated masters in social work program. We are hoping all the financials come through otherwise he will be attending North Eastern University. Cross your fingers everything comes through for Loyola!!!

Mike also said goodbye to his co-workers at the Vet Center here in Moline this week. I have to say, people LOVE my husband. I was reading through the cards he got for his birthday, good luck, and good-bye and they said so many nice things about him and are hoping he returns in a couple years to be a part of the staff. They even celebrated with an ice cream cake. YUM! AND the Evanston Vet Center is really excited that he will be returning. I have forgotten what it feels like to be valued at your job, so inspiring to me!

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