Friday, July 24, 2009

I Finally Got A Glimpse On Film!

Many of you have heard the unbelievable stories of our ginormous dog Finn. Finn has many insecurities and issues including his fear of water, rain, and thunder. Tonight we had warning that a storm would be hitting in the next 20 minutes. Mike quickly took Finn for a walk to get all the waste out of his body so it did not end up in our house. Once the storm hit our strategy was to just go along with our business and ignore Finn the best that we could. We've spent hours researching techniques to curb his fear of storms and the best thing to do is to just act normal and be playful with him and never, never, baby or cuddle him. Luckily tonight was a pretty calm display of his anxiety, but I managed to take a quick video on my camera. Check it out, it's funny and a little sad all in one. I say fear or no fear he's still a good lookin dawg. O, and Dixie makes a cameo too.

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