Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I had a rough couple of days last week. First off, my laptop has had a dead pixel for some time. I paid a crap load for the Geek Squad warranty at Best Buy and figured, even though a dead pixel is just slightly annoying, I might as well take it in. Plus, how bad would I be kicking myself if that dead pixel turned into more after the warranty was up. At ant rate, I my beloved laptop is now in the hand of the Geek Squad until an estimated August 14. Bloggin on my desktop is just a nuisance, it's slower and I am secluded in the office aka not as inspired.

Then, over the weekend my digital camera was stolen. All of my recent pics that I was planning to blog about are gone foreva! Luckily I upload regularly so I didn't lose too many, but there were some great pics of a night out on the town with my sis in law who was visiting from Arizona.

To make matter worse, upon leaving the bar where my camera was stolen Saturday night, my car was dead. After a tow to the dealer it turns out it just needed a new battery, but still...no fun!

That's enough of my whining for now, but see, I have not been blogging for many reasons.

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