Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost One Year!

It's hard to believe that Mike and I have almost been married for one year. About this time last year I was blogging about our engagement session in Chicago. I still can't believe how fast everything came and went. It all hit me again this morning as I was running.

If I had to pick my favorite aspect of our wedding, besides the groom, I'd pick my flowers. I swear, I will be thinking of these flowers until the day I die. Damien, the florist I was lucky enough to work with from Milan Florist, went above and beyond my expectations. I could sense that he had it in him during our meetings but his diggs are very modest, so there was still a little bit of uncertainty.

One of my memories of picking my flowers was showing Damien pictures of what I liked. I tolf him I really wanted a garden themed bouquet, with lots of green and white and some purple accents. One of the flowers I chose was Queen Annes Lace. My Mom made a joke that it was a weed and for a moment I second guessed my choice but decided, I liked it, weed or not.

This morning while running on the bike trail I noticed all the Queen Annes Lace blooming. I sighed to myself and started replaying our wedding in my head and, thanks to technology, songs from our wedding playlist on my ipod. I finished up my run thinking how glad I was that I chose Queen Annes Lace because from now on and forever at this time of year, right around our anniversary, August 2, 2008, I'll look at the blooms and be reminded of my great day.


Vanessa said...

Congratulations! What a special time! xx

Lynn said...

I can't believe almost a year has gone by....where does time go? I remember your wedding like it was just yesterday. The flowers were beautiful....everything about the day was!