Friday, July 10, 2009

Hunting and Planning

This has been a fun filled week of apartment hunting online. Can you hear the sarcasm? It's quite stressful trying to find a place in Chicago while being 3 hours away, especially when we are looking at moving August 1. Crazy! Tomorrow Mike and I will be leaving at a bright and early 6am to go see some places we have lined up. We are looking at a total of 4 apartments, one every hour from 9-12. Like I mentioned, this whole move is bittersweet, but for the best in the long run since there are more careers in my field in Chicago. Wish us luck!

Mike and I are also planning an extended roadtrip out east! We will be leaving sometime early August and plan to be gone for a couple of weeks. So far we are going to go stay one night in Niagara, Mike has never seen the falls, plus it's on the way to Mike's Dads in Maine. Next, we'll stay in Maine for a few days. We'll stop in Portland, Maine and Boston before we head down to Rhode Island to stay with Mike's Mom and Step-Dad. The big county fair will be taking place which Mike tries to go to every year. I am also super excited because while in Rhode Island we will be staying at the Winnapaug Inn on Misquamicut Beach for a night. Last year after we got married Mike's mom got us a room there and it was so much fun! We also ate at one of my favorite restaurants ever last year, Shelter Harbor, the food, wine, and coffee were amazing and the place was so quaint. I am really looking forward to this trip!

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