Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Spring fever is definitely in the air and this past Friday night it led Mike a me to a blast from my past. "The Killer Margarita" When I first move to Chi I lived about a block from this place and would go quite frequently. I have never lived more than a few miles from Killer but I find when I leave or move to a new neighborhood I rarely go back to my old spots but rather, find new ones.

Once I learned Mike had never been I was on it! For our first round we got the jumbo size, aka medium, this isn't even the large! I got a strawberry banana and Mike got a mango. I am usually a rocks margarita drinker, but the frozen at Killer are the way to go, unless you're eating. Then stick with the rocks to avoid getting too full. That's my strategy at least!

After some major arm twisting, haha, we ordered a second round. This time we ordered smalls. I got a banana and Mike loved my first strawberry banana so much he ordered one for himself.

These were so good, we are already planning another trip back!

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