Wednesday, March 17, 2010


After another day of training and my work holiday party Friday, we went to bed fairly early. I was so beat and I knew that we had the drive to Rhode Island ahead of us in the morning not to mention DAVE's COFFEE which I'd been looking forward to for months!

Saturday morning we had set the alarm for 8am, but I swear, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I woke up before 7 and said to Mike "Let's get ready and go to Dave's" and that we did!

We got to Dave's around 11. This place is nostalgic for Mike because it is right next door to the house he grew up in! Unfortunately his parents moved just a few years after Dave's opened in 1997.

Dave has delicious coffee and muffins that are literally to die for!! As we ate them Mike and I discussed how the heck they get these giant muffins to be so perfect. I am not sure what the secret is, but I sure wish I knew!

After our fix we went to Mike's parents. We relaxed a little bit, went to an antique store by their house then headed back to a different part of Massachusetts to have dinner with his Aunt Bernice, Aunt Linda, his Uncle Arnold, and Mike's parents too of course. It was great to see his fam, they are much smaller than my side and don't get together as often so when we do, it is very special.

The next day Mike ran back out to Dave's and brought us all muffins and coffee. Yum, again! We did a little shopping with his parents and then had to head out to the airport. It was a quick visit but nice because living so far away we don't get to see them too often.

Our flight was on time and we were home by 7. Thanks to my Dad, our babies were waiting for us when we got home. After a love fest and many sloppy kisses we ordered Pockets and passed out!

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The Rusk's said...

Those muffins look amazing. Glad you enjoyed the visit out East and made it home safely!