Wednesday, March 17, 2010

East Coast or bust

After a few days without our babies Mike and I were ready to get out East. We were missing them a lot and the house just didn't seem the same. We headed off to Northampton Mass again where my company is located. I had two days of training and a work party Friday evening. Mike was able to come out with me since he was on Spring break, lol, it's no Cabo, but at least I had a travel buddy. I worked all day Thursday and Friday but we managed to have some fun after hours.

Wednesday evening, after we arrived, we walked around the town. I was able to show Mike where I lived for over a month of my life lol. After we made the rounds we decided to hit up the brewery. I had the forty love brew, and Mike topped off my red head discrimination day(for all of those on FB you know the story) by ordering a red headed step child brew. For those of you who don't know, the short of it is, an airport employee asked me if Mike was my husband, then asked him where his red hair was and said he thought we were supposed to stick to our own kind... ummm IDIOT is all I will say. Both beers were delicious and exactly what we needed to shake off the jet lag.

Later in the evening we hit up Spoleto's. A local italian restaurant. I had some sort of pasta and mike chicken parmesan.

After our dinner we met up with a coworker of mine for a drink and then headed off to call it a night.

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