Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The friend that always wants to hang out..

Wine? Ok, maybe wine and I have become a little too close lately, but I blame it on old man winter. I love a good glass of wine on these cold Chicago nights as much as I love a cool, crisp beer on a hot summers day. Tonight I just finished off an excellent bottle that I purchased Sunday at Whole Foods after and evening of, well, wine tasting.

My friend Erin and I have a new favorite past-time. We like to go drink flights and try new wines at the new Whole Foods on Clybourn. This is not your ordinary Whole Foods, as Erin put it, "It's like a little town" inside that is. There is your normal salad bar, bakery, cheese section ect. BUT this Whole Foods also has a full out bar, and a wine and cheese bar, in other words pure bliss!

After we both had the "Pacific Flight" and a glass we headed off into the aisles for some shopping. I had two purchases in mind, a sweet and a bottle. I will be the first to admit that after a flight and a glass my decision making powers were not at their finest. I saw a women who knew what she wanted walk into the department and pick up 4 bottles of a Cabernet Sauvignon from Brownstone Winery in Cali. I quickly snatched one up before heading to the bakery and picking up a slice of vegan cookies and cream cake from my fav, The Chicago Diner.

Neither let me down. Mike and I shared the slice of cake two nights in a row! It was a delicious and umm, big!

I am partly noting this wine to share with you all and so I don't forget in the future. I prefer a deep, rich (basement) flavor in my wine versus a grapey fruity flavor. As my palate continues to refine I'm sure I will be able to tell you the specific grape variety but for now, well here is the description straight off the bottle. "Blended for maximum flavor and color, this wine has rich cherry, tobacco and oak components with supple tannins and smooth finish", I am starting to see a trend here with "oak" maybe that is the basement flavor I am so found of. At any rate, if you see this wine, pick up a bottle, at $10.99 it is a bargain for the deliciousness it will dazzle your palate with!

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