Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From the Midwest to the East Coast and Back Again

Most of you know Mike and I were out East last week, but with two dogs and a cat the planning has to start much sooner. Needless to say the past two weeks have been a little cray cray. Our fun kicked off two weekends ago. Friday night we ordered one of my staples, Pockets, it's a salad fast food joint if you will. My favorite is the Berry Blue salad, mixed greens, dried cranberries, cucumbers, edamame, sliced almonds and blue cheese with fat free raspberry dressing. I went for the large and enjoyed every bite!

The next morning we got up around 6am to head to Iowa. We had to get there early to take Finn to his old vet. He'd been having several problems with his ear, eyes and skin. We had to make it before they closed at 11, so we hit up Starbucks first! After a relaxing afternoon and Finn got his meds we headed to Dubuque, Iowa, another hour and a half drive, to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? 60 years, that is a LONG ASS TIME! We had dinner at an interesting restaurant called Morocco. To my disappointment it was not Moroccan food, but the family picked it because it's been around forever, so long that my Dad even went there when he was a kid!

My Dad and his parents aka my gram and gramps! The gorgeous and delicious cake was made by my aunt Renee.

The non Moroccan Morocco

Mike's din

After dinner we celebrated with cake and puppy chow(yum alexis!) and headed back to Davenport. The next morning we got dropped Finn off at the boarder, left Dixie with her grandparents and headed back to Chicago. I also received a blingin text that happened to be my cousin Alysia's engagment ring. Her boyf popped the question Sunday morning, we are so happy and excited for them!

Phew, and then it was Monday!

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Kelsey said...

Sooo bummed that I couldn't celebrate the anniversary with all of you guys :( But I hate the Morocco... so that made it slightly easier. haha.