Saturday, May 8, 2010


...walking into your house after being gone for just about 20 minutes. The oven door is open, toaster on its side, fridge magnents and papers on the floor. This is what I walked into on Thursday and I immediatly knew the culprit.

We have some medicated pups in our house lately. Finn is taking steriods and allergy pills to overcome a horrible bout with some sort of seasonal allergy he decided to partake in this year. He also frequents the xanax train now that storm season is amongst us. OY! Steroids and xanax make for one weird dog.

And little Dixie, well she officially started her phenobarbital this past Wednesday after, yet another, seizure. I had to face my fear,bite the bullet and tell myself that she is better off.

All these meds don't come without their side effects. Dixie is drinking and eating so much, which in turn means she has to go out A LOT. The meds have also made her much more excitable, she doesn't settle as easily and she is, believe it or not, a little bit more of a barker. Hopefully these symptoms subside after the levels of meds stabalize.

Now Finn, he is just a walking mess. He is very thirsy all the time, hungry like a monster and, well, this hunger apparantly makes him act CRAZY! The scene that I walked into? Well, he was trying to get the pill pockets. He succeddded in getting one bag, even ate the bag! I had left his three pills on the counter to remind myself to give them to him when I got home and the little bastard didn't eat those of course.

No Finn fiasco would be complete without a suicide attempt. He managed to get ahold of Dixie's phenobarbitals. 57 of them in fact, thank god the medication was in a child proof container and I wasn't gone long enough for him to chew it open or we would have had another exciting night at the emergency vet.

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Lynn said...

Wow...they certainly are a handful! I can't imagine what it would have been like had Finn been successful in getting Dixie's meds. Good luck!