Saturday, May 1, 2010

Absinthe Minded

Last night me and two girlfriends met up at In Fine Spirits, a wine bar in Chicago, specifically Andersonville. I am a HUGE fan of wine bars, they are great to go to with friends and great for a date. They usually serve smalls plates which means you can taste many different items and even get a little romantic if you are with your sweetie!

Now, I know this is a wine bar, but they are also known for their amazing cocktails. I decided to start with a cocktail and work my way into wine. I ordered up a Chrysanthemum, not the flower, the drink. I mostly ordered this because it had Absinthe in it, but unfortunately I did not hallucinate. It was still a mighty fine drink!

We decided to order a cheese plate that featured 5 different varieties, olives and a bubbling crock of something really good! I tried a Malbec from Washington that was delicious and a Syrah that had words like "lurking", "forest", and "floor" in the description which made me think odds were pretty high it might taste like a basement. If you've read my previous blogs you know I love a red wine that tastes like grandma's basement!

During our last round of drinks I took some pictures of course! Note, I am not in any of them because too much stress, salt and stress has not been kind to me lately.

Even better I was hangover free today! Always a beautiful thing!

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