Monday, May 17, 2010

Karyn's On Green

Friday night I turned the big 32, I know this is hard for most of you to believe since I don't look a day past 25, lol. I wanted to have dinner with a few of my best girlfriends and my hubs and was looking for something new and different for the group. I did a roll call, and let's see, I had one vegetarian, one gluten free, one flexitarian and two carnivores. Karyn's On Green made sense to me!

I'd been wanting to try this self proclaimed "sexy vegan" restaurant a for a while and was thrilled to learn that no one else coming had been there yet! Upon our arrival, I was already impressed with the open, airy,modern atmosphere. There were some very contemporary, gorgeous light fixtures above us and an excellent view of the Willis Tower from where we were sitting.

The menu was very innovative and interesting, I wanted to try everything! It was a little confusing because the menu lists meat items, but there is NO meat in anything served, beautiful!

I have to admit, when I checked out the menu online before deciding, the amazing drink list sealed the deal for me. First things first, we ordered some cocktails. There were a few takers of the Upper East Side Manhattan, it was all white, how clever. I went for the Chicago River Run which was Beefeater, Aperol, St. Germain, fresh lime, orange bitters and flamed orange, it was mightly tasty with a nice kick. Also tried was the Southside and a Caiprinha.

Once we all had a little buzz on our appetizers arrived, we tried the raw cheese plate and the hummus and olives. Both were great and very different. I really enjoyed all the varieties of cheese and their individual complexities.

After taking a look at the entrees I knew I had to go for the meatiest non meat item I could find. It's not everyday a vegetarian can order meatloaf off the menu, so that's what I did. It was so delicious and very filling, in fact, I didn't even finish it and I always finish my food!

I also snapped a few quick pics!

Last, it was time for dessert, the waiter literally had to twist my arm and entice me with dessert for my birthday, I can't believe I was THAT full! I ended up ordering and luckily, by the time it came, I was not so stuffed. I ordered the Ice Cream Cookies, it was phenomenal and vegan. I ate every last bite! My favorite was the almond icecream, the chocolate and banana were very good as well.

Erin went with the Banana's Foster, Mike the Tiramisu and Trish the Raspberry Panna Cotta.

Thanks again to my lovely friends who celebrated with me! I will definitely be going back to Karyn's On Green again, the sooner the better!

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