Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another day at the park

Mike and I took our babies trail walking again at Scott County Park. I couldn't resist posting a couple pics! I realize it's a little nutty that we treat our dogs like our kids, but for now, they are.

Dixie loves the water! Drinking it and swimming in it! It may not be the best thing for her but she didn't get sick so!

Mike found a skull in the woods!

Dixie chillin after our walk.

We had a picnic and they were beat! I love how resourceful Finn is! He headed under the table for shade!

When picking up some goodies for our picnic I stumbled upon Pop Chips in the organic/health section at HyVee. I've seen these "pop" up on many of the blogs I follow and sense they come in individual bags these were perfect for our picnic! I was reading the info on the package and learned that these chips are all natural, not fried and not baked! I guess they have a secret method that involves popping and pressure, not sure what it is, but they are sure good, and even better, guilt free! Try them for yourself sometime!


melissa said...

aww doodle bug looks so cute at the park!!

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

They are both super cute at the park. They LOVE it! Imagine doodle bug trail walking.. half the time I carry her! Next time you'll have to come with!