Thursday, May 7, 2009

you can get something for nothing

I am a sucker for registering on websites whether it's for a newsletter, special promos or simple reminders I'm happy to oblige. The main reason is that I visit so many websites I usually forget about them once they fall out of my normal rotation. A month or two later, if I receive an email from them, it jogs my memory. Anyways, May is my birthday month and I've already received a few special offers to help me celebrate my day! Today I received a coupon for a free Little Joe pizza from Happy Joe's, I'll take taco please and last week I received a free entree and Bass Street Chop House, this was a score for me because I hear they have great seafood. Yum! I wonder what else is coming?

p.s we did not find any mushrooms tonight but we have the weekend ahead of us!! i am hopeful!

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