Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another Year Bites the Dust

Last Thursday I celebrated my b-day with the hubs and the fam. After coming home to a beautiful flowers from my sweetie, we had a wonderful dinner at Osaka! My first 3 courses looked something like this:

Then the p's and my sis showed up and we were seated. This was the first time the p's had sushi! We ordered a few apps and a variety of maki. I, of course, had to have my hot sake. YUM!

After dinner we headed back to the p's for presents and cake! I was lucky enough to get some great gifts this year! An awesome tent from my Dad! Mike and I are both excited about this because we plan to do some camping this summer at Scott County Park and can't wait to take Finn!

My Mom gave me some great smelling stuff from one of my favorite shops here, The Soap Box, and all Iowa made! Can't wait to try it all! My sis gave me a really cool starfish necklace and my mother and father in law sent me a cool owl necklace which you might notice in some of the pics!

After we ate a slice of suzy q cake my Mom made, Mike and I headed back home where we had another cake that my sweetie picked up. Mike went to Old Towne Bakery and had them make an almond cake with a raspberry filling... ummm AMAZING! I managed to force down a piece lol!

All in all is was a great birthday! Can't wait for next year! O, wait, yes I can!! I forgot, once you are in your 30's you don't mind if the year drags on!! So, Cheers to a long year!!

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