Monday, May 4, 2009

This weekend was no good

I wish I had a fun recap of our weekend activites but I, again, was sick. It hit me Saturday morning around 4am and kept me bedridden all day. I'm not sure what I had, a flu, food poisoning...but there where body aches, a temp and stomach aches. ugh. I feel like I have been sick all winter and the times I haven't been the hubs has been sick.

Maybe it's stress, maybe my immune system is just in a rut, I suspect maybe our house has mold. When we looked at the place it was July of last year. The previous tenants had turned the AC off when they moved out and the place was sweltering. Upon realizing this, the landlord turned on the AC but it may have been too late, mold was already growing on the walls in the basement.

The LL said he bleached the walls, but what about what's underneath the walls? Mike called today to asked him to do a mold test, we haven't heard back but I hope we do soon. I think this may be why we can't stay healthy.

Unfortunetly I'm still not feeling great and I'm super bummed because I have not been able to work out since Friday. grrrr. Hopefully I'll have my health back soon, this is really unlike me!

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