Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shroom Hunting

It's morel season and apparently they are a hot commodity here!! Mike and I have gone trail walking the last two weekends, scavenged the woods and have yet to find them!

Yesterday my sister cooked some up that were given to her by our cousins boyf, I was able to try them, but it only made me want to find my own even more! Today a coworker came in with bags of them! So what are Mike and I doing wrong?

Looking after rain falls - check
Looking around dead trees - check
Looking in shaded areas - check

I tried to get my coworker to tell me where she finds hers but she stuck to the true morel hunter mantra which is to never reveal your source!

I did manage to squeeze a few more tips out of her.

Look on hillsides
Look around elm trees

Tonight Mike and I will be running on the bike trail after work. We plan to take a few detours and hit the woods to hunt some more. Come hell or high water we are finding morels this season!

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Vanessa said...

omg, I had a shroom this week! I had lunch in one of the client meeting rooms and they put these in a fish dish. we were all wondering what they were! hpw coincidental! :)