Saturday, May 30, 2009

If you can't grow it, don't eat it!

This morning my Dixie baby and I headed to the farmers market downtown. I've been trying to adopt the mantra, "If you can't grow it, don't eat it." I know processed foods are horrible for me so I try to stick to veggies, fruits, whole grains ect. So, this morning Dixie and I picked up some locally grown tomatoes, potatoes, pop corn and of course some organic dog treats! The lady at the Tailz Are Waggin booth didn't even look twice at me when I told her I promised Dixie she could get a treat on the way over..hahah...

When we got home I whipped up an egg white omelet in the microwave, ever since I found out I could nuke my eggs it's been wonderful! So I heated up some egg whites, mushrooms (bought already chopped and washed) some green, red and yellow peppers I had already chopped and keep in the freezer.

Once the omelet was done I sprinkled a little cheese on top and chopped up one of my fresh tomatoes from the market and some avocado I had in the fridge! This was delicious! I also toasted a piece of 100% Whole Wheat bread that I bought at the grocery store. The bread is made locally by Nature's Bread Basket Bakery and is so tasty! I picked it up because there are only a handful of ingredients that go into making the bread which means less or no preservatives!

That's been my morning so far! O, and at the market I saw a booth that serves Iced New Orleans Style Coffee, this is on my list to try next week!! Yum!

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