Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's tough being two people

My poor sweetie was infected with the plague Friday after we worked out. We came home, had some dinner and within about a hour Mike was out. His tempeture sky-rocketed, body aches kicked in, headache, chest and cough. We went to bed pretty early and I hoped that he'd kick it by morning so we could enjoy the beautiful weather and our St. Patty's day celebration we'd planned all week. Well, I realize how wishful thinking that was now on Day 3 of the plague. Mike is pretty delirious, his fever is fluctuating from 100 - 102 and he's been talking to himself a bit today.

I keep disinfecting but I'm pretty sure that I infected myself today when I chugged a bottle of water...only to discover it was the bottle he'd been refilling since Friday...ugh.

Anyways, it's Sunday night and I am beat. Mike does so much around the house that it's been hard keeping up with it all myself. Mike does the dishes, takes care of the dogs for the most part, helps out with Kira's feedings, takes out the trash, gets me stuff (LOL) It's just been a lot for me to do all by myself.

I'm going to round up all the animals, tidy up a bit and get everyone to bed, hopefully catch up on some sleep and hope I get my sweetie back tomorrow.

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Vanessa said...

You are such a good wife! What a lovely blog this is - it makes me happy! :)